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Got questions? Here are answers to the most common questions we receive.

Q. What is Kindle Kash?

Kindle Kash is the brand new course from best-selling author, Nick Daws. It includes everything you need to become become a best-selling author on the Amazon Kindle platform!

From writing your book using Nick's powerful "freewriting" method, to getting your book formatted for the Kindle, from  submitting to Amazon for inclusion in their catalog, to nifty promotional tricks for getting your book onto the best seller's list.

The only thing it DOESN'T cover... is how to spend your huge royalty checks!

Q. Is Kindle Kash affiliated with

No. The Kindle Kash course is published by the Global Writing Network.

Q. Who is Nick Daws?

Nick Daws lives in Stafford, UK. He has written over 70 fiction and non-fiction books during his writing career - including 15 best-sellers in the past three years alone. He enjoys both reading and publishing on the Kindle! Some of the many titles he's written include The Wealthy Writer, Quick Cash Writing and Write Any Book in Under 28 Days, not to mention a range of other courses and products sold by the Global Writing Network.

You can visit Nick's official website at

Q. I already know how to write, how will this help me?

The Kindle Kash course goes beyond just showing you how to write a book. It shows you how to format and submit your title, ready for the most popular platform in the e-book revolution - the Kindle! It also demonstrates how to promote yourself as an author, and shares nifty tricks to help you skyrocket your sales - all using the free tools you'll uncover inside this course!

Q. What do I get when I order this course?

When you order the Kindle Cash Course, you'll receive:

- The ENTIRE Kindle Cash Course - Let Nick Daws show you how to get published on the Kindle! Covers everything from "freewriting", to formatting for the Kindle, to promoting your e-book - and more. This course shares EVERYTHING you need to become a best-selling Kindle author in absolute record time!

- BONUS: How to Publish Your Blog on the Kindle - Turn your blog into a fresh revenue stream! This guide shows you how to turn your posts into $$$, quickly.

- BONUS: 50 Great Ideas for Kindle E-Books - Not sure what to write about? This brief report shares the hottest topics that need Kindle e-books, ASAP!

- BONUS: How to Publish Your Book on Lulu -
Want a physical book to hold? Learn how to convert your e-book to a real-book, and even get it listed on Amazon!

- BONUS: How to Create a Great Title for Your E-Book - Learn how to choose the best title for your book, and how to use a "smart" title to boost sales!

- BONUS: How to Publish for the iPad -
Want to get your book on the Apple iPad? This report shows you how to start selling on the platform, in just hours!

- BONUS: Essential Resources for Kindle Authors -
Take a peek inside Nick's black book of invaluable websites and resources. An absolute must-have!

- FREE Lifetime Support
- Got questions? Don't worry, our support team is on hand. Just mail us, using the special link in your welcome e-mail. We're always here to help - and ensure you earn a fortune, selling on the Kindle!

All of this, for just $27. That's less just the cost of a decent lunch for two. Or, to put it another way, that's under 13 cents per day, over a year. Or less than 15 minutes of one-on-one consultation time with Nick himself!

Q. Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. We payout 50% on every single purchase. To learn more and signup, click here.

Q. I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Our support team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have. We guarantee to respond within one business day, and our average response time is just four hours. Connect with us using the chat beacon on the right.

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