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Inside its ten parts, you'll learn how to devise, write, edit, publish and promote an e-book on the Kindle platform - and make a lot of money from it, too.

The guide covers both fiction and non-fiction e-books. It also reveals how to publish your e-book to other platforms such as the Apple iPad and Nook, thus potentially multiplying your profits many times over. Each chapter concludes with a list of practical action points, helping you apply the information to your own project.

Here's a look of what you'll find inside the ten parts:


What to Write About

Outlining Your Kindle E-Book

Writing Your Kindle E-Book

Editing Your Kindle E-Book

Formatting Your Kindle E-Book

Publishing Your Kindle E-Book

Promoting Your Kindle E-Book

Boosting Your Profits

New Beginnings

The publishing revolution is here - and you cannot afford to miss out.

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In addition to the main course, we'd like to deliver you a further SIX bonus reports, to help you seriously rocket your work with the Kindle!

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How to Publish Your Blog on the Kindle

Got a blog? Start publishing on the Kindle in just minutes, and earn $$$ for your efforts. A great way to monetize something you're already doing, at NO extra effort!

50 Great Ideas for Kindle Books

Stuck for inspiration? Don't be. Nick Daws shares the topics which are absolutely red hot on Kindle right now. Write one of these, and get yourself a guaranteed best-seller!

How to Create a Great Title for Your Kindle E-Book

Want to sell more books? Create a great title! This 13-page report shares the twelve killer techniques to creating a great title - and how to use it to seriously rocketing your sales, too!

How to Publish for the iPad and Other E-Book Readers

Want to target other e-book platforms, quickly? This guide shows you the quickest and easiest method of porting your book straight to the Apple Store, and more!

Essential Resources for Kindle Authors

Uncover the most invaluable websites and resources to help in your Kindle publishing adventure. This is an absolute must-have list of essential resources, swiped straight from Nick Daws little black book

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The ENTIRE Kindle Kash Course

Let Nick Daws show you how to get published on the Kindle! Covers everything from "freewriting" techniques, to formatting for the Kindle, to promoting your e-book - and more. This course shares EVERYTHING you need to become a best-selling Kindle author in absolute record time! Access details are delivered instantly and is accessible via the Global Writing Network Library.

SIX Bonus Guides on E-Book Publishing

Take your electronic publishing to the next level! We're throwing in six bonus guides with your purchase. You'll also receive "How to Publish Your Blog on the Kindle", "50 Great Ideas for Kindle E-Books", "How to Publish Your Book on Lulu", "How to Create a Great Title for Your E-Book", "How to Publish for the iPad", and "Essential Resources for Kindle Authors". PDF format.

FREE Lifetime Support

Got questions? Don't worry, our support team is on hand. Just mail us, using the special link in your welcome e-mail. We're always here to help - and ensure you earn a fortune, selling on the Kindle!

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